What to Do When You Are Empty

How do you handle life when you are empty?

Empty PitcherIt has been aptly noted that you cannot give from an empty cupboard, or pour out a refreshing from an empty pitcher. You give and give and never take time to reload and refresh.

In this day of instant media, it is hard watching others getting refreshed when you feel so tapped out yourself.

Recognize the necessity of caring for yourself ever day. You have only so much to give and if you are emptied┬áthen you will never be able to care for others, much less yourself. Refresh. Refill. Recuperate. Repair and Ready yourself…

There is so much more to do…and we have only a little time available.

Pillbug - RolledI’ve watched people throw in the towel when life seems to take a toll. They run. Roll up into a ball like a pill bug. Pop their head into a hole in the ground like an ostrich…Head for the hills. Veg on a beach.

Stress breeds a frantic reaction. Fear develops a fight or flight response. When we are unhealthy, on drugs, under a doctors care (or not), stressed, full of fear and anger, then we are more easily manipulated to drastic reactions.

You get the picture. When you do not care for yourself properly then you often take drastic measures and you call it a self-preservation action. Reality? It’s a panic run. You leave the innocents and other hard workers around you in a lurch.

We all get to this point if we are not working hard on equipping ourselves for the long haul!

You know who you are!

How far can you go on empty? Try it in your car some day. We know we need to refill or it becomes impossible to go further down the road. The same is true with food to fuel the body, love to feed the soul, and God to refresh your spirit.

Last Sunday (7/24/16) we enjoyed the ministry of Gordon Mallory. I blogged some of his message yesterday, but more than the words of the preaching was the spiritual refreshing of someone else ministering as God’s vessel. Though he was suffering jet lag from a far off journey, and he had not regained his full strength, he was a servant of God delivering the Word and helping each of us find a place of peace, comfort and spiritual healing.

I have been feasting on this banquet for the past 48 hours and am still full of the satisfaction that comes from enjoying a satisfying meal.

You need to find your source of refreshment! It’s not about food, drink, energy pills, caffeine, or chemicals. It’s about that deep spiritual soul satisfaction that comes from trusting God to feed you what you need…as you need it! Then resting in that satisfaction of a good and perfect meal.

There is a deep subject at work here, but Isaiah pens the words we need to hear.

To whom He said, “This is the rest with which You may cause the weary to rest,” And, “This is the refreshing”; Yet they would not hear. (Isaiah 28:12 NKJV)

Either you receive true rest, or you do not. It’s your call. You need to know where the rest comes from and avail yourself of the opportunity to receive it. Have you reached the end of your rope? It’s more than just tying a knot and hanging on. You have to find the rest for your weary soul.

I know where to go when I need rest.

How about you?



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