What Makes You Click and Read?

What Makes You Click and Read? (Audio)

For over 7 years I have been writing a blog, posting personal comments and insights, sharing scripture thoughts, and generally challenging myself with consistent writing and thinking. Even though I enjoy reading my past blogs and thinking through what I said years back, I often wonder what it is that makes YOU click and read one of my posts.

Will you click now and read the rest of the story?

Some of my most popularly read posts revolve around a person that many of us know together, one way or another. James Kilgore. Kenneth Haney. Frank LaCrosse. Franklin Jones. My tributes to them in their passing continually get read more than any other single post. Equally, when I write about my parents or siblings I generally find more readers interested…

Hence, there’s a lot of cross-connection my blog has with my past. 

Other posts have some common theme of Leadership, Technology or Insight to some political issue or scriptural principle. Well, I find when folks research these key words then my blog often gets a hit in a search engine and someone wanders over to see what I have to say about the topic.

Still, some that are read the most are related to growing up years in places like Baytown, Channelview, Seabrook and Deer Park. I can throw in some company names and if enough people are interested in First State Bank of Greens Bayou, Texas Commerce Bank, National Bank of Alaska, Armco Steel or even Champion Paper Company… well, there may be a few more readers finding me as they research these names. But there are plenty of companies I’ve worked for and there’s not enough blog space in the cloud to contain everything I’m connected to that might help you find my blog!

What are the most common ways someone finds one of my posts other than Social Media? I have several hundred “followers” (although it shows a higher number) that receive an email when I post something new. It’s an easy process and anyone can do it. But not everyone is interested in receiving updates like this. In order, Facebook garners the most reads, then it’s a toss-up between Twitter and LinkedIn.

There is no other audience that I know of.

So. How do I get new readers? Some of you are kind enough to share a post on Facebook and some find me that way. Others make comments and depending on how your contacts are connected to you, accidentally they find me.

I’m thinking about opening a “Coffee & Blogging Stand” in my neighborhood.
If I move it around every so often I could attract a new audience.

Still, the best way I know of getting more folks interested in reading is to snazz up my website, write better posts, include graphics that get attention, and maybe, just maybe, find something to give away for free! Hmmm…I wonder what I have that anyone would want?

Tell me… If I could offer something for free what do you want?

I’ve been told to quit writing about “such and such” and I would get more readers. Sorry. I’m not filtering my writing based on “how many” may find me. What I chose to write about comes from my heart and there are things I feel I need to share.

So. Over the next few months, I will be redefining my blogging purpose. I may have another blog added to the mix that will focus on a particular audience for a particular purpose. I may keep this free-flowing blog to just let the words and thoughts flow as they will. Equally, I’m focused on some technical changes that may make my blogging process fresh and enjoyable to do, as well as to read. I hope!

One last thought. And it comes from someone in my past. Though I never heard them say this, I’ve read their words. It makes me pause and think. There is no reason not to write, and if we all spent some time writing then this following statement might be just for you.

“No one should go to their grave with a book left unpublished.” 

It is stated that your “Last Will and Testament” could be your greatest legacy. Forever it could be documented as what you believe, espouse and declare to those that will gather around an attorney’s desk to hear your final wishes. What would someone like a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates say to their family, their companies, their world wide followers? What would some pastor or teacher so loved by their congregation say to their charges? What would my parents say to me?

I think of the Apostle Paul and his last known epistle to his protege, Timothy. I challenge you to take a moment and read his words as he closes out his last opportunity to speak to Timothy, and the churches and ages that were sure to read his words. It’s only 4 short chapters but I believe it is a testimony of how we should think about those that follow after us. Click here to read online. Here’s how it starts out…

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus, To Timothy, a beloved son: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. (2 Timothy 1:1-2 NKJV)

Such an opening statement. Makes me tear up. There is no one that has written such an opening to me, and I know I’m a beloved child of Christ. Who will speak grace, mercy, and peace to my life? We never hear of Timothy from anyone else in the New Testament after these words, although I’m sure he’s alive in other writings about the early church.

Maybe. Just maybe my blog will be a testament to my family. My church. My friends. Maybe it will be thought of in such a light.

Just thinking out loud and by keyboard this morning…


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  1. Ok I read it because of our personal connection your friendship makes me come by to see what your thinking? I never really think much about who I am addressing when I post. I guess that’s not a good thing to admit but confession is good for the soul! So you have inspired me to picture my audience when I proclaim what is on my mind or scarily in my heart! Happy typing my friend and guard your Heart!


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