What Is Thanksgiving?

As last minutes often reflect the true nature of the day…

IMG_5244…We found that yesterday’s shopping extravaganza left us needing a quick run to the store for a few un-shopped food items to make the Thanksgiving meal complete. Local stores will be open for the morning, just for people like me. I refuse to think about a huge shopping trip, but an onion, some chocolate pie ingredients…

Well, you get the picture.

I was amazed that Starbucks was open, so I bought coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I thanked the Barrista for her sacrifice. She seemed to appreciate the words.

Then, in Safeway, I saw the crowded aisles of restocking efforts… If the picture was not snapped with haste, and I embarrassed for the poor workers having to work so hard, then I might have taken a better moment with my phone to compose the picture better.

Here it is, the day of Thankfulness and these workers are loading the shelves as if they are preparing for a mad rush.

I chatted with a worker on the Bread Aisle, a Safeway employee with some seniority, who informed me that with Safeway being bought out by the corporate raider (my words) that also bought and closed down many Albertson’s, the corporation was now bigger than Walmart – more production, warehouses, and stores.

Then, all the stores that are opening for Black Friday – TOMORROW – but choosing to open TODAY… Makes me wonder about how truly thankful we are – as a people, and as a nation.

We know the corporations are truly in this only for money – it’s the bottom line P&L (Profit and Loss) that is their main concern. If you do not produce, sell off, close down, eliminate, terminate and get rid of the failure.

If we buy in to their mentality, then we shop for all those Christmas deals today, tomorrow, and any other day the corporation chooses to entice people to their aisles.

Black Friday, Local Business Saturday, Cyber Monday – we have grown so fond of the opportunities that we have labeled them with easily remembered names.

To all of this I would like to chuck the seasons mentality and return back to the primary reason for the days we celebrate.

  • Thanksgiving – the fourth Thursday of the month of November to simply celebrate the thankfulness we should have as a nation and do so with our families and friends.
  • Christmas – the birth of Christ nearly 2,000 years ago as we have chosen to celebrate it, even knowing it is probably no where near the true date of His birth.
  • New Year – well, I don’t celebrate this at all. You can have it! Many other cultures have different new year dates and I’m sure we’re not correct except we’ve made it so.

So, to all my family and friends, let’s let this be a true celebration for thankfulness, and not a madcap shopping race to save a few bucks.

Blessings to all!