God On The Go

We are a mobile society…

But is that always a good thing?

God on the Go 1This morning I read an article about the success and failures with Apple Pay, the new app. Though not a new concept, others have tried, but the concept is to pay for everything with the Apple app from a portable device and have a more secure way of accessing payment options in a more secure way. Hopefully it will work and we will be able to throw away all the credit cards, right?

Who really knows? Wallets are not history yet, but it seems like it’s getting closer.

Last night I noted my grand baby never really sat down to eat dinner with us, She tried, but she’s at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and is way too excited. Instead, it’s not unusual for her to walk around with her food and eat when she’s hungry.

My son noted that traveling these days is so much easier because we have mobile devices to help point the way. No more “trip tickets” that map out every turn on paper. We simply use the phone, or a GPS device.

This morning I thought about a trip I am about to take and how I would have little quiet time for my morning routine of breakfast, coffee, scripture and devotion.  Some may simply say it’s a vacation from God and responsibilities, but I say, “It is time to take God on the Go.”

With my mobile devices I have my bible and reading materials. If I cannot carve out a quiet moment then I will simply control the distractions the best way possible and work on reading, thinking, praying, and listening for God’s voice for as much time as possible.

Don’t leave God behind…. Take him with you, on the go….