Fresh Morning, Fresh Eyes

There is nothing like enjoying a beautiful, fresh morning!

Not a night owl, am I. Early enough to bed to get 5-6 hours of sleep 2014-07-26 06.30.32and then up and enjoying the morning. There is something about the morning hours that you do not get to experience at sunset, or even at midnight. I think we were made for the morning!

To me, morning portends the fresh start to a new opportunity. True, there may be tasks left undone from the previous day, but sitting on the porch or walking through the woods in the early morning hour, you experience the start of opportunity like no other time.

The past few days I have enjoyed the late evening as the day quietly beds down. In our rural setting we can hear all the barnyard animals, and I think Ol’ McDonald is around here somewhere. This morning, I hear the same animals as they started their day in the cool and quiet of the morning.

However, to some the morning is full of chores. Milking, gathering, preparing for the field, or a long drive to a job site. Often, before the sun rises there are many around us who have already put in a hard day.

Scripture is replete with stories of early morning accomplishments. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David. Meet with Pharaoh, start a trip, worship God. Even Jesus started his day out early,  teaching in the temple, or before dawn finding a place to pray as the day started.

The one thing I note about night, it is often a time of restlessness, sleeplessness, and fear of what lurks in the unknown. Unless you are a dreamer, it is often the best time to ignore the darkness and sleep through the stress and awake to a new and fresh world.

I am slightly bothered by folks who sleep the day away, or purposefully waste the morning freshness with sleep. True, they say, but they were up all night. Sorry, for me the night was made for sleeping! My circadian rhythm is geared for sleep at night, say about 11 p.m. It takes a modern conveniences of light and distraction to make the night equal in activity to the day. But then you do not get to enjoy that early morning freshness, dew on the ground, animals waking up and the sun peering over the horizon.

I do not want to waste a morning, nor do I want to waste the day. Nor do I want to waste my night!

Now… Time for church!